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We make best personalized patches for hats, jeans, jackets & all purposes using high-grade raw material, backed with any type of backing – at a dream affordable price.

Perks That No Other Patch Maker Offers:
  • Logo & Text Patches Can Be Made
  • Free Design Service with Edits
  • Order Just 10 Or Even Fewer Pieces
  • Free Delivery in The Entire NZ*
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Custom Iron-On Patches in NZ Made with Precision & Perfection

Embroidered Patches

Iron On Patches NZ: The Best Bet for Patches

Want to revive your old-torn jeans? Do you crave aesthetic appeal in your dressing? Or do you wish to punctuate your company in a cost-effective way? Our personalized patch making service is the solution to all your problems. Available in various shapes, sizes and customization options, our durable iron-on fabric patches can be your best bet.

We have invested enough money to find out the best spots to source raw materials. Also, we use state-of-the-art embroidery digitizing software to improve your vector artwork. This helps us in getting the design precisely perfect. Unless the customer is satisfied, we allow unlimited edits in the artwork (like experimenting with colors, text placement, etc.).

What’s more, all of our patches are manufactured with default iron-on backing. But of course, we don’t limit our customers to that only. You can have any type of backing like sew-on, Velcro, hook & loop, clutch pins and more. The consultants here have rich experience in this field and can recommend you the best backing according to your use.

Custom Iron On Patch
Iron On Patches

Undisputed Importance Of Custom Iron-On Patches In NZ

Iron On Patches CO NZ

Need a professional but cost-effective marketing strategy? Its iron-patches. The ease of use, durability and affordability makes them the right branding tool. But you need to rely on the right people like us to have sturdy patches.

Reasons You Should Opt For Embroidery Iron on Patches

The use of personalized emblems is no longer only about decorating apparel or flaunting it among club members – instead, it can be used as a marketing strategy because it (is):

  • Raises Brand Awareness
  • A Cost-Effective Solution
  • Owns Notable Durability
  • Easy To Use & Apply/Remove
  • Can Be Tailored In Any Way
  • Encourages Better Security

Custom Iron-On Patch Making Process – A Hassle-Free & Smooth Experience

Custom Patches In NZ

Ready to explore how we work? Have a look at how our professionals take your unique idea and turn that into a trendy and tangible personalized emblem:

1. The Designing Process

We begin by understanding your needs, required fabric, and use of the patch, backing and of course, the design. And if you need consultation, we’d happily lend you an ear.

2. Let’s Get Digital

To avoid confusion, we offer a free artwork service. Your idea is translated into a draft, and we will share it with you. After the changes, the design is passed to the manufacturer.

3. Manufacturing Process

Once you have approved the design and it is ready to be stitched, the manufacturers come into action and start producing quality emblems using the upgraded machines.

4. We Pack & Deliver

You can confidently stand at your doorstep on the committed date and time – and you’d see NZ’s top logistics supplier at your doorstep, holding your personalized emblems.

Iron On Patch Making Process
Embroidered Patches

Team of Talented Patches Maker in Auckland with Solid Experience

Embroidered Patches

Our team members have contributed to our success with all their energy and passion. Have a look at the maestros working with us:

Embroidered Patches
Ms. Parr Olin
Ms. Parr Olin
Score :98%
Orders :1400+

"Parr Olin is a dedicated manufacturing head and a Senior designer who worked with utmost dedication this month and assisted several newbies with our operations. Parr has been awarded several times with this prestigious title."

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Mr. John Ivy
Mr. John Ivy
Experience :10+ Years
Rating :98%
Orders :1200+
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Ms. Luna Sophia
Ms. Luna Sophia
Experience :9+ Years
Rating :98%
Orders :1100+
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Mr. Ray Nyle
Mr. Ray Nyle
Experience :8+ Years
Rating :99%
Orders :800+
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Mr. Kip Mace
Mr. Kip Mace
Experience :10+ Years
Rating :98%
Orders :9400+
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The Samples of Our Iron-On Patches Coarse Our Excellency & Proficiency

Patch Sample
Puff Digitizing Samples
Applique Digitizing Sample
Cap Digitizing
Custom Embroidery Patches
Jacket Back Digitizing
Chenille Digitizing

Why Our Iron-On Patches Are Best To Pick!

Custom Patches In NZ

While this industry is littered with thousands of options, it can be hard to pick the best one. But don’t worry; we’d reveal some traits that will instantly attract your attention. Here are a few qualities that manifest our peerlessness in this market:

Highest Quality GuaranteedHighest Quality Guaranteed

When you place an order with us, you can be assured that you’ll have the best bargain here. We deliver the highest quality emblems using the finest standard raw material.

No Minimum OrderNo Minimum Order

Your wish to have custom iron-on patches at no minimum is now fulfilled! We manufacture quality emblems without requiring you to meet certain order criteria.

Competitive PricingCompetitive Pricing

Worry not – we aren’t going to make you spend through your nose just for personalized iron-on patches in Auckland. Our pricing is cheap enough so everyone can afford it.

Quickest TurnaroundQuickest Turnaround

You’d have your hands on your order within the dedicated time frame. We offer the fastest quick around of 18 days and can speed up this delivery time very happily.

Hear Reviews from Customers Who Ordered Iron On Patches from Us

Our Customers
"5 Star RatingCan Bear 100s of Washes

I have been a customer of this patch making site for years, and they have never dissatisfied me with their quality. The iron-on is pretty much adhesive and intact the surface very nicely. Also, it can bear hundreds of washes, which is another major plus.

"5 Star RatingHands Down to The Best Team

Hands down to the best team of customized iron-on patch making service. Everything was on point, from the quality of material to other factors like delivery time and customer service. I really enjoyed working with these professionals and would surely re-hire them.

"5 Star RatingA Recommended Service

It was a pleasure working with them. They delivered everything on time and kept me in the loop as well. The patch quality is supreme, and I was allowed to pick any type of border. I would never hesitate to recommend this service to my friends.

Customized Iron-On Patches, Spanning All Types in NZ!

There’s no denying that iron-on cotton badges were meant for military purposes only. But the spirit of fashionistas made it break all the barriers of limitations. And now, these fabric-based creations are used as a decorative motif on almost every apparel. As the market captain, we make awesome iron-on patches for leather, jeans, jackets, hats, bags, and even mobile covers and all surfaces. We also manufacture top-seed iron-on denim patches to treat hippie lovers.

Customized Iron On Patches

Personalize Your Iron-On Patch with Infinite Possibilities in NZ

We lead the zone of customization. And we guarantee you – no one else in this huge market can offer as wide a scope for personalization as we do! Here, you experience new levels of customization freedom, like having your cotton badge in the shape of a number or text. Customers get their brand’s name manufactured as patches and distribute them during public events. We make outstanding quality iron-on letter patches that would easily stand out in the market.

Customized iron-on logo patches are another hot seller here. On top of that, we don’t offer iron-on backing for patches but also enable the customer to pick their desired type of backing. Also, they can go for any type of border, from laser-cut borders to Merrow borders. 12 colors are allowed within a single price quote. No matter either you reside in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin – you can place your order with us and we’ll entertain you.

Get Quality Patches In NZ Backed With Satisfaction Guarantee

No matter how many perks an online patch maker offers you if they cut corners – they aren’t the right people to rely on. Most of the time, we have customers running to us to reveal that they have been scammed by online dealers who delivered pathetic quality and charged high prices under the name of ‘quality’. Most of them don’t’ produce cotton badges in-house, rather, they farm out to local companies who lack quality control. But here, the scenario is totally different.

To manufacture the highest quality personalized emblems, we have set up a whole production house that includes avant-garde machinery. Since the team works in-house, the quality control is better and closer. This results in perfect manufacturing of the patches, with no loose threads and excellent customization. Plus, we don’t disappear after delivering the order. Instead, we stay by the customer’s side throughout the process and even after delivery, just in case anything needs to be fixed.

Shoot Down Your Doubts into Flames – Iron On Patches NZ FAQs

Embroidered Digitizing Service

No! You can customize your cotton badge with any possible backing. This includes sew-on, Velcro, clutch pins, magnetic and more.

We can manufacture all patches, including iron-on, woven, embroidered PVC, and chenille – you can expect us to make any patch.

One design can include up to 12 colors. However, we recommend a few colors only, as less is more. More colors can be added for a little more fee.

We offer a free artwork service that allows customers to see what they’d be receiving as an outcome. In case edits are required, we offer them for free.

It can take up to 18 days to reach your doorstep. The countdown for delivery time begins after the client has finalized the design or the artwork.

Of course, we do allow rush order delivery to the customers. You can unlock the rush order delivery facility by spending a little more, and we’ll deliver your order on time.

To iron-on patches on your cloth, you need to place the patch at the desired spot and then supply it heat through an iron for 2-3 minutes to activate the glue. Once done, the emblem will stick to the surface, and you’ll have your apparel ready to use.

We offer various types of borders to suit your requirements. You can pick from Merrow borders and laser-cut borders. Both types of borders differ in terms of design. Laser-cut borders are best for complex shapes, while Merrow borders are ideal for traditional patches.