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Iron On Patches is the ultimate destination to get the best custom Velcro patches. Since this is the age where everybody is concerned about little details and wants patches to look a certain way, we make your dream come true with our personalized Velcro patches. Although we’re based in Auckland, New Zealand, we’re covering other cities, including Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and more, to make the Velcro patches easily accessible to everyone. We give you complete control of customization. That means you can go for any design, colour, or thread word while enjoying the easy-to-attach Velcro backing. Trust us - it’s a thread miracle.

Whether you want military patches, anime or tactical Velcro patches, we give you a bunch of options in style and material. After successfully rendering 7000+ fabulous Velcro name patches, we’re waiting to get you in the loop and spark your outfits and accessories instantly.

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Velcro Patches - Portfolio
Velcro Patches - Portfolio
Velcro Patches - Portfolio
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Velcro Patches - Portfolio
Velcro Patches - Portfolio
Velcro Patches - Portfolio

NZ’s Premium Velcro Hat Patches at Thrifty Prices!

If you’re considering searching ‘custom Velcro patches near me’, we should warn you that the jacked-up prices may leave you flabbergasted for a moment. However, if you take the right turn to our company, you’ll be welcome with plenty of affordable-priced patches that won’t dig a hole in your pocket. We offer quality at cheap prices.

We don’t just go low on prices but come with freebies to spread joy on your face. Our free sample and unlimited artwork revisions always come in handy to save some bucks. But the best part is that there is no minimum quantity. Order as many as you like, tens or hundreds. However, we suggest ordering more to win our bulk discounts.

NZ’s Premium Velcro Patches
NZ Velcro Patches

NZ Velcro Patches - Easy to Switch & Customize!

Why settle on off-the-rack Velcro patches when you can easily customize your patches? Head to us and customize your emblems as you want. From your backpack to hats and vests, we let you take the lead on design, stuff and even style. Unlike other companies, we never compromise on quality. No fraying - no dullness.

Don’t want to wear the same patch every day? Go for our Velcro patches -these are easy to switch so that you can flaunt a new design every day. Cherry on top, our delivery is swift and takes 10 days. In a nutshell, you can choose from PVC, embroidered, 2D/3D or more with Velcro at the back for your convenience.

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Our Customers
"5 Star Rating“Super-Fast Delivery with Ten Days”

Their Velcro patches for backpacks are always a delight. Their quality is top-notch, especially at such low prices. Since I live in Dunedin, they delivered my parcel right to my doorstep for ten days only. I vouch for their fast delivery, quality and choices.

"5 Star Rating“The Team Is Helpful and Professional”

My Velcro patches for the vest turned out much better than I expected. Their team did a great job understanding my concerns and created a design that resonated with my idea. From the thread work to the backing, everything was just perfect. Overall, a great deal!

"5 Star Rating“Premium Quality At Slashed Prices”

I asked for the funny Velcro patches' price, and it was costly everywhere. Only they offered me packages that were a total steal. I ended up ordering in bulk since I was getting a significant discount. From stuff to craftsmanship, everything was perfect. Good job!