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Get custom sew-on patches to add some personality to your apparel or breathe new life into your well-loved garment. At, we supply the highest quality personalized sew-on patches that stay sturdy and in their original shape forever. Our company is the best destination to get any type of sew-on patches customized to one's exact requirements.

Our material choice ensures the end product is durable and doesn't make one go penniless. Everything is hand-inspected before we purchase it. Plus, the QA team makes sure the manufactured pieces are exactly according to the customer's vision. Our strong focus on easing clients' experience is what sets us apart. We aim to make your experience quick & enjoyable.

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Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio

Sew On Embroidered Patches In NZ That Will Appeal Your Heart

We produce fine-quality patches for all purposes. Starting from sports teams to business representation and raising brand awareness, you'll find a personalized creation for all purposes. We make sew-on patches for jackets, hats, bags, clothes, NZ motorcycle gang patches and much more. Whether you wish to improve team unity or represent your brand, we can help you in both scenarios.

Customers here are given the biggest room for customization. They can pick any fabric, border type, size, shape and colors. That's not all. We can personalize patches in the shape of text and numbers as well. It's totally our customer's call and what they wish to achieve as their uniquely made sew-on patches. Customization is our real USP, and we don't rip off customers for that.

Sew On Embroidered Patches In NZ
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Low-Cost Sew On Patches In NZ That Empower Every Budget

We take pride in being an affordable sew-on patches maker across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin that delivers the finest quality patches at a price that no one can match. Not just the prices, but the quality delivered by us cannot be cloned. Our core purpose is to deliver the finest standard and heavy-duty heat-transfer emblems without breaking one's budget.

Over the years, our company has manufactured and delivered top-quality sew-on patches to a wide clientele like camping enthusiasts, scout groups, professional firefighters, EMPTs, police officers, military units, schools and Fortune 500 companies. In fact, we have delivered our patches to almost every NZ's sector. That's not only because of our competitive prices but also high-end quality.

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Our Customers
"5 Star RatingSuch Nice Metallic Thread

Quality and pricing are appreciable, but I want to tell you about the high-quality metallic thread they used for my sew-on patches. It was bright golden and not yellow (what other manufacturers deliver under the name of golden lol).

"5 Star RatingJust Awesome!

I wanted sew on name patches, but no manufacturer accepted my order since they said they don't deal in name patches or would charge really high. This is the only company that accepted my order and delivered exceptional quality name patches.

"5 Star RatingI Made My Own Patch

With them, it felt as if I was making my own patch. I picked my desired fabric, border type and design. Requested a few changes as well, which they catered free of cost. The order was delivered on time, and it was just the way I wanted it to be.